About Me....

My first job out of Newhouse Photography/Syracuse, was as a photo assistant for Irving Penn.

One day, as I was fastidiously spotting one of Penn's platinum prints for his museum collection, I overheard "The Clients" in an important meeting about their upcoming Clinique shoot. 

The team had mutual respect for each other and they were having fun. There was a woman running the meeting.  She was creative and in control of the project. I wanted to be that person. Irving told me afterwards that she was the "ad agency producer" and in his grandfatherly wisdom, advised me to never sell my soul to advertising. 

So, of course, that's exactly what I did.

I started as an art buyer and then transitioned into the production department and began my climb to executive producer. Life was glorious. I traveled the globe with huge budgets, and had fun with my teams. I worked my way onto every account I wanted to produce, my favorite being the EP for Jamaica Tourism. 

I recorded all my music tracks Jamaica, worked with some of the most amazing reggae artists and saved the client hundreds of thousand of dollars in re-use fees. After we had produced enough content for the tourist board to last several years, I left my staff gig at FCB and started working in Jamaica as a local for: Red Stripe's Reggea Sumfest, Heineken/MTV beach bash, and VP Records. 

I eventually came back to NY and fully immersed myself in web, social, experiential, and live event production. I often get hired by digital/social agencies that do not have production departments, and work with teams with little or no production experience. I love being a mentor and sharing my production knowledge. I also help put systems in place that ease work flow with operations, project management and finance.

So I'm that rare hybrid producer that can easily produce tv and digital, social, or experiential projects and can manage all the respective teams for each deliverable.

I love producing any scope of project with cool people that believe work can be fun.